Important Changes Due to the COVID-19 Virus

  • During this time, the Department of Human Services is encouraging customers to utilize online self-service options. We have shortened our hours as a result of Kern County moving to an essential-staffing only model due to the quickly changing situation related to the COVID-19 virus. 
  • While our office will be closed to the public, we will continue to provide restricted in-person homeless services only between the hours of 7:30 AM and 1:00 PM. Our main lobby located at 100 E. California Avenue, Bakersfield, will conduct in-office interviews with our homeless clients by telephone utilizing the recently installed telephones in the lobby interview booths.
  • Due to these shortened hours and social distancing regulations, we are encouraging our clients to make use of our online options. Please go to and download the mobile app to apply for and keep track of your benefits, services, and application and redetermination forms. Applications for CalFresh may be made by phone at (661) 631-6062 and applications for Medi-Cal benefits can be made by calling 1-800-300-1506.
  • If you suspect child abuse or neglect, please call the Child Abuse Hotline at (661) 631-6011 (Countywide) or (760) 375-6049 in Ridgecrest. Reports of child abuse can be made at any time.
  • Also, due to our limited service hours, we are encouraging clients to contact the EBT Customer Service line toll free at 1-877-328-9677 to report a lost, stolen, or damaged card, as well as to request a card replacement by mail.
  • Information regarding services will also be available by phone at (661) 631-6000. We want to reiterate, all critical services will be provided during our shortened hours.

Thank you for understanding.



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Family Finding

The goal of the Family Finding and Engagement, Kid’s Connection Teams program is to increase the number of foster youth who achieve permanency through identification and engagement of all family members and potential permanency connections. Permanency includes any established and committed relationship between a child and an adult who will provide support, stability, love, and encouragement.

To find out more please call us at (661) 873-2800.

Relative Caregiver

Are you a relative or friend of a child who recently came into foster care and you would like to provide the child with a stable and loving home?

When a child cannot live with their parents, they need temporary care in the home of someone they know, such as a relative or non-related close friend (NREFM).

If you want to care for a child who is related to you or is part of your extended family, you must apply to have your home approved.

5 Steps of Resource Family Approval (RFA) Process

  1. Attend RFA Orientation. For more information or to register for a class, call (661) 631-6204.
  2. Receive your online e-Adopt temporary password to log-in, create your profile and begin the application process. Call (661) 631-6204 and ask for the RFA social worker of the day, or visit the Columbus Center at 3711 Columbus St. if you need help, have questions, or want to use a computer to access your online e-Adopt account during normal business hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  3. Continue the online application process by completing all of the following:
    1. Live Scan (fingerprint) all adults in home. Call (661) 631-6879 to schedule appointments.
      Request a criminal record exemption, as needed. Forms are on e-Adopt or call your RFA social worker.
    2. Request DMV print-out. Form is on e-Adopt or call your RFA social worker.
    3. Complete CPR and first aid certification. Call (661) 319-1836 to register.
    4. Attend Pre-Service Training. Call (661) 395-4991 to register.
  4. Schedule a home and grounds inspection and complete a permanency planning questionnaire. Your RFA social worker will call you to discuss what to expect and how to prepare.
  5. Complete a family evaluation, including individual and family interviews. Your RFA social worker will review your final report with you and give you a copy. As an approved Resource Family, you may be offered placement of a child.

Please Note: Becoming an approved Resource Family does not guarantee placement. A social worker must consider the best interests of the child before placing a child in a home.

Besides caring for the child, there are other ways you can be part of the child's life:

  • Helping the child reunify with their parent,
  • Telling CPS about other relatives who may want to help,
  • Visiting with the child,
  • Giving information to the Juvenile Court (verbal or written).

If you can help in any of these ways, or have other ideas, please call the child's social worker.